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Welcome to Season III of Whispers of the Heart Awards. I decided to LJ this because it makes it easier to update. But yes, I'm back for a third season. Back and better than ever...with more categories, better planning....and bigger chances to win. So you know a story that deserves an award...then go nominate...but remember to read the rules first.

Know an awesome BSB story? Think it's award worthy?
Then head on over to the rules and check out the categories...
Then nominate!







I hope to see lots of awesome stories. Let's make this season the best one yet!
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Pick one and please make sure it is posted on your site. If you do not have a site, or you do not control the site, then please let me know. Other arrangements will be made. Thanks.

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Nomination Dates: February 20th-TBA
Juding Period: TBA
Voting Period: TBA
Winners announced: TBA

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-Best Group-story featuring all 5 Backstreet Boys
-Best AJ
-Best Brian
-Best Howie
-Best Kevin
-Best Nick
-Best Combination-story featuring 2-4 of the Boys

-Best Drama
-Best Romance
-Best Action/Adventure
-Best Comedy/Parody
-Best Horror/Suspense
-Best Angst
-Best Alternate Universe
-Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy
-Best Visual

-Best Novel-story with more than 20 chapters
-Best Novella-story with 6-20 chapters
-Best Ficlet-story with 1-5 chapters
-Best Series
-Best Sequel
-Best Unfinished
-Best Finished
-Best Collaboration-story written by 2 or more people

-Best Plot
-Best Title
-Best Ending
-Best Quote
-Best Author

-Cutest Couple
-Most Hated Character
-Favorite Character
-Best Lead Character (female)
-Best Supporting Character-can be male or female

-Best Fight Scene
-Best Kiss
-Best Engagement Scene
-Best Make-up Scene
-Best Break-up Scene
-Funniest Scene
-Hottest Sex Scene-cannot be a visual

-Webmistress' Awards-one story and author selected by myself
-Best Story
-Best Author

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Remember to read the rules and check out the categories before nominating.

Please reply to the following in a comment, containing...

Your Name

Author's Name

Story Title

Story URL

Your Email

Author's Email

Category One

Category Two

Category Three

Category Four

Category Five

Hang onto your....

note: Comments will remain screened for security purposes, since email addresses are involved.

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1. Authors may nominate themselves.

2. Stories may only be nominated in up to five categories.

3. Author may only have five stories nominated.

4. Author may only have one story nominated per category.

5. No slash may be nominated.

6. Visuals may be nominated.

7. Stories need not be finished; but must have enough written to understand what it is about.

8. Each category will have eight nominations; first come first serve basis.

9. If you are nominating Best Fight, Best Kiss, Best Make-up Scene, Best Ending, Best Break-up Scene, Best Engagement Scene, Funniest Scene, and/or Hottest Sex Scene...please be sure to include the chapter. Also if you're nominating Most Hated Character, Favorite Character, Best Lead Female, Best Supporting Character, and/or Cutest Couple; please include who the character(s) is(are). With Best Quote you must include the quote and chapter it is from.

10. Webmistress' Selections will be chosen out of all the nominated stories, authors, and sites.

11. Judges will select the winning story in the category they are judging.

12. Webmistress (moi) will select the Honorable Mention in each category.

13. Judges may be nominated; however not in the category they are judging.

14. Nominees MUST have a code up on their website. If your story is hosted and you have no control over the site...please email me.

15. When nominating a story please be sure to include the proper URL, author's name, and author's email. It is very difficult to try and track down the correct information. Improper or incompleted nominations will be disqualified.

16. Stories that took an award home in past seasons may not be nominated in the category they previously won in. They may be nominated in other categories though.

17. To show that you have read the rules please include this sentence at the bottom of the nomination. Hang onto your Backstreet Boy.

18. Nominations must be left as a comment on the Nominations entry.

19. A quick note....Categories MUST have at least four nominations, or they will be disqualified.

note: Failure to follow the rules will result in a loss of privileges for the nominee and/or the judge.

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Coming Soon! Whispers of the Heart Awards!
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